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Dear Students,

 --- Except School of LAW Students ---

In order to improve course scheduling and registration process a new preregistration environment and method have been developed. The new system generates a list of courses for  each student based on the AIU Rules and Regulations for Undergraduate Studies.  Some of the courses in the generated list are “must” courses and students will not be able to modify these courses. The others will be “recommended” courses and students will have the option to modify (drop or replace with another course) these courses during the preregistration period.  


For Fall 2016 semester, the preregistration will be done only for College of Business, College of Engineering, College of Tourism and School of Fine Arts and Architecture

between June 27th and July 1st 

During this period students will be able to modify their course lists and select elective courses.

 Afterwards, courses will be scheduling based on the preregistration data to maximize the course enrollments. Please note that if students do not provide preregistration data, the scheduling will be done based on the course lists generated by the system.

 A detailed description of the new system and the web address to access the system will be provided later.


Best regards,